View Full Version : question about Pdoxusrs.clk

07-02-1997, 12:00 AM

(1) I am tring to install a program in a server. If there is a BDE
already, where should I set the Destination Directory for my BDE/IDAPI file
group. I Set it <INSTALLDIR>\BDE for now. Or should I not install BDE
with the program at all.

(2) I installed the program without install BDE (The server have two BDE in
two different path already) When I try to run the program, I got a error
says "Exception EDBDngineError in module MHCADMIN.EXE at 000458E0. path not

there is a pdoxusrs.net file under p:\pxnet, so I set the NET DIR for
paradox to P:\PXNET\ but this didn't fix the problem. Please let me know
how can I fix it.

(3) if there is two BDE in the server, how does the program know which one
to use.