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05-26-2006, 01:14 AM

This might not be proper forum, but I thought this stuff is definately IS 12 thing and not the earlier version problem. This problem might not be an issue in IS 12, but for our production use we haven't had chance to try it out yet.

We are using IS 11.5 still on production use and just recently adopted Visual Studio Team System and Team Foundation Server for the version controlling system.

We haven't used the Visual Studio plugin much as the native IS program works much better. However we are moving towards integrating the entire build process within the Team Foundation Server (TFS) build toos, that are using msbuild (which IS is compatible with).

For the future chapters "Visual Studio blocks" means that the program doesn't receive any input and on mouse click on anywhere its area it responds with "Beep" type "blonk" sound.

Now the problem is that with Team System and TFS use, the Visual Studio often blocks entirely when using IS projects within it. We tried to live with it (as we don't have to touch the projects much after setting the file structure), but it seems that even setting up the file structure for installation projects causes problems.

Basically we tried to do like following:
1. Include IS projects to the solution that are controlled by TFS
- This works, Visual Studio blocks, but after everything the project does go to the version control

2. Include all the installation custom action related projects and additional files (such as EULAs, documentation, License files) within the same solution as solution items or as project items. This is required so that TFS recognises them to be controlled within version control
- This we have currently big problems as now the Visual Studio blocks itself after every file adding and makes the adding phase really cumbersome.

We are on pretty critical production stage on this project of ours, so we'd rather keep it on 11.5 until the IS 12 is stable enough to move on. We can work around this problem now, but in the future it will cause problems, if it happens with IS 12 as well.



05-26-2006, 10:03 AM
Hi Kalle, I don't believe there will be any significant differences between 11.5 and 12 with regards to VSTS/TFS integration. I'm happy to hear you are having some success with the combination as VSTS/TFS came out after 11.5 and thus we were not able to test against it. I'll definitely put in a vote, as it were, to visit this more closely for a future release.

I'd also like to get a little more information to help ensure we address the right problems. Before switching to VSTS/TFS, did you see similar behavior with our IDE integrated into VS (Professional), or is this behavior specific to integration with VSTS/TFS? Would it be possible for you to share a little more about your VSTS/TFS layout in case it's relevant to reproducing this scenario?

05-28-2006, 04:48 PM
At the evaluation stage of IS 11.5 we did use it with the Visual Studio integration. There were some other smaller problems that lead us to use it's standard IDE rather than the VS integration.

If I recall right, there weren't this bad lockups, which leads me to believe that the TFS version control hookups combined with the IS cause some kind of a modal message box to appear, that's opened below some active window - the blocking is like when trying to activate the window that's waiting modal dialog to be closed.

Our TFS installation is normal single-server deployment, we are using Visual Studio Team Edition for Software Developers.

For our current development cycle we are not going to integrate the MS build + IS just yet; it will be 3-6 weeks till we get to that stage on earliest.

I'll try to do some basic testing with VS integration also again without TFS and see how the behaviour differs.