View Full Version : Constant crashes

05-24-2006, 09:29 AM
I had updated my IS9 project to IS11, which didn't do it any good. A lot of weird problems popped up. Herefore I decided to create a whole new installation from scratch.

Now during development of my installation I encounter constant crashes of InstallShield in many different forms:

- Application suddenly disappears without a warning, need to restart InstallShield and my project is not saved!
- I get a crash without any kind of message what went wrong. I can sent a crash report to InstallShield support (which I have done many times), my project is saved and I can restart again.
- I get a crash without any kind of message what went wrong. When I click the "Send crash report" button, even this crash window crashes and everything hangs.... I need to open the taskmanager to remove the crashed InstallShield. My project is not saved and I can restart Installshield again.

This happens to me about every 5 mins or so, sometimes even sooner. It occurs mainly when I am creating and managing shortcuts and language strings.

Can anybody help me? because working like this is NOT very productive :mad: