View Full Version : Converting an MSI to an ISM is very laboured and inconsistent

05-24-2006, 07:39 AM
Go to the file->open dialog and change the "Open as:" field to wizard
Select an MSI for conversion
Choose to convert to an MSI

A dialog appears offering two options
1) Project Name.
This only allows you to choose the filename for the ISM. It is made in the default folder (c:\my IS projects) with no option to save the ISM anywhere else.
2) Data File Location.
This folder is completely unrealted to the project name folder and is the location where the files will be extracted to.

What would be far more useful (and consistent) would be to be asked where (including the folder) you would want to save the ISM and the files folder is automatically a subfolder (as in repackager).

Once it has finished the conversion, a new folder is made for each component and static file links are made to all the files.
If you use the "Convert Source Path Wizard" to convert all the links to Path Variables then you end up with as many path variables as components, also unsatisfactory.