View Full Version : dynamic suite - how to retrieve where selected products are about to be installed????

05-19-2006, 02:12 PM
In the queryExit code for the Product Selection Panel of the dynamic suite installer, I insert some debug code that looks like this: (log.debug is similar to a system.out.println)

DynamicProductReference[] products;

ISControl ctrl = context.getISPanel().getControl(PRODUCT_CTRL_ID);

//ASSERT safe cast
SwingProductControl productControl = (SwingProductControl)ctrl;

products = productControl.getProducts();

log.debug("***Products Selected for Install***");

for (int j=0;j<products.length;j++)
if (products[j].isActive());
log.debug("\t " + products[j].getDisplayName() +
" to be installed at: " +

This will produce an output that shows:

***Products Selected for Install***
productA to be installed at: null
productB to be installed at: null

Why will it not retrieve the install location at this point? The next step in the installation after this is the preview panel before the products get installed and they are all getting installed to the right place so where is the installation location stored?