View Full Version : MSDE Connectivity

Gilles Labelle
05-17-2006, 02:17 PM
I already have a Express 11.5 setup that is working correctly buy I wat to add the MSDE Connectivity module to install the minimum files needed for MSDE connectivity on workstation PCs.
I am trying to create an install for an application that uses MSDE 2000. I would like for the InstallShield setup to just . I have tried just selecting the following merge modules:

However, when I tried to test the setup created, the setup gave an error that it was interrupted and did not complete successfully.

If I remove the 2 MSDE module (MSDE 2000 Connectivity Components,
MSDE 2000 Setup Base Merge Module) the setup is correct.

I tried a new setup with only those 2 module and this setup is working !!

Any help ?