View Full Version : URL url = getResource("resource.name") IS ALWAYS NULL

05-15-2006, 11:00 AM
In a buttonclick event on one of my custom dialogs, I am calling a method in a jar (foo.jar) which I include just fine in my project via putArchive(). Things compile fine and the install.exe is built fine too.

The problem is that at runtime, this external jar (foo.jar) which I make a call too eventually makes a JNI call to bar.dll So....

I created a custom WizardAction which in the build() method I do this:

support.putResource(MyClass.class.getResource("bar.dll"), getBeanId() + "/" + "bar.dll);

At build time, the bar.dll is found and it appears that the bar.dll is included in my project package. HOWEVER, in the execute() of my custom WizardAction() I get an IOException:

java.io.IOException: entry 1d44278b503139095abc87c183236355/bean3/bar.dll
does not exist in C:\DOCUME~1\joe\LOCALS~1\Temp\ismp005\2080274\data\cc28214786

When calling:

URL source = getResource(getBeanId() + "/bar.dll");

WHY CAN'T THIS bar.dll be found at runtime. I looked in my setup.jar and the bar.dll does not seem to be in there. Please HELP...this is taking WAY TOO MUCH TIME.....