View Full Version : When a Windows box can't get a license across a WAN

05-15-2006, 10:44 AM
I’m glad to see a public forum for the discussion of the technical aspects of the world’s most popular high-value software licensing scheme. I hope to contribute some helpful tips and maybe get some of my own questions answered too.

Here’s one for the forum that might help some folks…

A Windows application attempting to get a floating license from lmgrd running remotely from a distant site across the WAN gets a “Cannot connect to license server” error, and/or the FLEXlm License Finder dialog box will come up and ask you to specify a server or license file. The licensing environment variable is correctly set to PORT@HOST or PORT@IP_ADDRESS. The host can be pinged, and the hostname resolves correctly in DNS or a Hosts file. Still, the user cannot check out a license. It is not a firewall-related issue. Oddly, UNIX and Linux systems have no trouble accessing the same license server.

We have discovered that one solution involves selecting an LMGRD port outside the common range of 27000-27009 or, alternatively, hard-assigning a port to vendor daemon outside that range and pointing to that port instead (yes, you can point LM_LICENSE_FILE to the vendor daemon port). 26585 and 27010 have both been tested and known to work. The fix has been validated on our internal WAN and at least one customer site.

Hope this helps someone!