View Full Version : Another ScheduleReboot question

Tim Mayert
05-10-2006, 01:52 PM
I am hoping there is an easy answer to this..

Here is what I need. I need my basic MSI install project to prompt for a reboot at the end of the install. The use then selects Yes and the machine reboots... This works fine, but if the user selects No then I want to launch a custom action.

I currently have the custom action set after the ScheduleReboot entry in the sequences and it is currently set to Commint Execution.

This custom action gets called whether the users says Yes or No to reboot, it actually starts before the Yes/No dialog box comes up.

How can I set this custiom action to only be triggered if the user selects No to reboot? Where in the sequence should I put it and what should the conditions be set so that this will work?


Tim Mayert
05-11-2006, 12:37 PM
Okay I can not figure out how to schedule anything if No to reboot is selected so I am trying a different route....

I have created a Reboot Finish dialog box that will prompt the user if they want to reboot or not. If yes then I'll set the REBOOT to suppress so that it does not display the ScheduleReboot dialog box and will simply perform the reboot, or if they select No then turn off the ScheduleReboot so that it does not prompt or reboot the machine.

I just need to know what can be set to turn off the reboot dialog box and reboot? I am trying to place a condition of the ScheduleReboot action, but is there anything else that I should be looking into?