View Full Version : Error -7011, strong name error (GAC)

05-08-2006, 05:05 AM
My project type is InstallScript & MSI and I've got 5 .net dll's that need adding to an existing folder and also to the GAC. The GAC files are getting transferred to the root of the C Drive even though the components for these are set to transfer to the 'GlobalAssemblyCache'. I get a -7011 warning about using strong names for these files and after some investigation the 'key' for each of the GAC destination components has a '1' at the end of each filename which is probably due to the files having duplicate components that transfer to the folder on the C Drive. How the heck can I resolve this?
All of my GAC components have a key file set and the '.Net scan at build' is set to 'Properties' and they all have the 'Source Location' set to 'GlobalAssemblyCache'. This is really holding me up and frustrated isn't the word!!!! :mad: