View Full Version : Getting ENV variables Issue!

05-03-2006, 06:12 AM
Can someone explaing to me why this is happening? This is my test machine so I did set the port and host to these values in a prior install, but I un-installed it and reinstalled it and one can clearly see that it is changed in the Environment!

Where does InstallShield get the ENV variables from?

05-05-2006, 11:12 AM
I'm new to 11.5, but are you sure you were using the new environment? If you had started IS before you changed the environment variables, it would have have the old values in its environment. When you started your install from IS, your install would have inherited the old values from IS. (If you started your install from a Dos prompt or Windows Explorer, they would behave the same as IS.) Try exiting IS, changing the variables, restarting IS, then starting your install.

To see this, create a batch file with two lines:

echo %your_variable%
Then, set your_variable to a new value, double-click on your batch file in an Explorer session that you started before changing the value. Then, start a new Explorer session from your Start menu, double-click on your batch file in that Explorer session. The first one will have the old value & the second one will have the new value.
I've noticed that after a while, the first Explorer session will get the new value. I'm not sure how long that takes, though.


P.S. I've been bit by this many times.