View Full Version : how to locate installed files

05-02-2006, 02:15 AM
Hi everyone,

I need help from the community to complete a project. I've created a basic msi project for a mobile application.
because of size of my mobile project, users can choose the target where the application must be installed (cf card, main memory).

This is the first time i use InstallShield to create a package for my programs. I didn't have problems to make setup. but for the needs of my application, i need to know where files are located by the cab files generated. I've already tried to soluce my problem by locating the files into my mobile project but no success. Compact framework don't like relatives localisation files.

So, if you have an idea to soluce my problem, it could be fun.
thank you ( and I hope you understood all I want to say a the top, my English is not perfect :( )