View Full Version : Uninstall on Mac OSX "looks non-native"

05-01-2006, 02:31 PM
In other words, "cheesey." On the Mac OSX, ISMP creates an _uninst/uninstall.jar. When the user runs this, the look/feel of the buttons do not look like the standard Mac OSX buttons. They look like some standard java swing look/feel. However, the installer created looks great. This is the "next" and "cancel" buttons basically at the bottom. Do I have any control over this? I suspect the answer is that I create a Mac App Bundle for the uninstaller (seems like something ISMP should do automatically) so the Mac knows how to set up all the look/feel.

Also, the dock and menu names for the uninstaller are simply "run." Nice touch! :rolleyes:

BTW, it would be really sweet if ISMP just created .dmg files for me for the Mac OSX version.