View Full Version : Various Feedback on IS12b2 using InstallScript MSI for Windows Mobile

04-22-2006, 10:18 AM
This is various feedback with suggestions (feature requests) built in. Ignore what you want, save what you want, here goes:

First off, the launching of beta 2 prompted it is an evaluation with 44 days left. I assume it has no restrictions on my usage or deployment of installations? Just want to be sure!

I've stated previously about migrating settings from prior versions of IS, but I'd also like to see a review of the settings area. I suggest setup best practices checked, show version number checked, break on first error checked, etc. As for the quality assurance participation, I believe this should default to NO, or ask the user on startup, I'm not sure the legality on defaulting this to YES to collect information, etc. whatever it does. Just like Micrsoft, they ask you if you want to participate, NOT default it to YES.

I'd like to see Installation Defaults, either in the Settings area, or persisted between installations. Why I have to change the Company name in my installs from Macrovision to my company every time is a bit crazy! I should be able to personalize my Settings with common properties to every install I create. For example, company name, add/remove panel information (comments, tech support, phone number, copyright, etc.). Application icon should also be set to the default, such as if I want the same for my company all the time. Help save us time! We have more risk of overlooking these things and the faster we can build our installs, the better, and with higher quality. Would an "installation template" help in this situation?

In IS12b2, saving settings is very slow! For example, I change the product version, hit enter, it takes about 3 seconds to save. It's like this for all entered properties. Change the installation path, add/remove panel info such as update URL, etc., all very slow to save.

Application type drop down, I suggest adding "Mobile Device Application" as that's one of the available options with IS.

If only one feature "DefaultFeature" exists, shouldn't it default to Required?

In straight InstallScript project, we can create Internet Shortcuts with ease. Why can't I do this with InstallScript MSI projects? It's a bit cumbersome to create .URL files then point to them when it's so much easier like in the InstallScript project.

I suggest the Windows Installer Engine not be 2.0 by default now but instead the default be 3.1 or 2.0 best fit...

I've had problems in the past with the code signing where VeriSign's time stamp was down. I'd like to see a drop down for choosing the timestamp server in the event I'm unable to sign due to the VeriSign one being down.

Lastly, I built a compress all files setup, yet, I can Winzip compress the final EXE another 3 MB!!! I'd like to see when I choose to have a compressed setup that it is at maximum compression and I don't have to wrap it in a zip file to save another 3 MB. You know my rant about bandwith, 3 MB x 1 Gazillion Downloads of our super incredible applications = a lot of bandwidth! Help save us a buck AND give us the best compression so we can deploy when done with IS, not require an additional step.

Windows Mobile 5 build went fine. However, how do I create one "release" with the .NET FW cabs and one release w/o? For example: I want to offer those already using my Windows Mobile 5 app just the EXE to upgrade them. But for new users, they need the EXE and the .NET CF 2 files. I don't see a way in an installation to have two builds, one with and one without, at least at this moment, I'll research more to see if I can separate features in a release as an idea.

Holler if you have any ?'s. Others, feel free to chime in on my suggestions.