View Full Version : I gave up...

04-14-2006, 12:29 PM
So I spent the money to "upgrade" to 11.5.

- Immediately ran into the 6645 issue and was unable to build any projects. Was able to work around this by spending an hour turning off the dependency checking for 200+ files. What a pain and I didn't really WANT to turn it off.
- Then was unable to build do to the 7068 error. Was pointed to the KB article and was able to fix it.
- Then tried a simple test project to include SQL Express in my setup.exe. Hmm. That doesn't work either. It gets included as a separate directory not included even though I have told it to come from setup.exe. Post here. WAIT, wait, wait. No answer, no response.
- Try to contact support directly. Sorry sir, you have to pay for support.
- Not to mention that as far as I can tell, there is no way to configure the SQL Express prereq (e.g. set the command line flags!)
- I give up. Look around and find InstallAware. Try it out. Works out of the box and is much more powerful...
- Luckily I am in my 30 days so I can at least get back the "upgrade" charge. Too bad I can't get back the original $$$ and the wasted year with this piece of ****.

BTW, I fully expect this post to get deleted. Oh, wait. IS folk don't bother reading the forums! :)