View Full Version : Quick patch: 6575 error and unable to view quick views

04-13-2006, 03:52 AM
After an unrecoverable system problem on my previous build system, have copied over all the install shield files onto a new system and installed (and upgraded from Install Shield Express 5.0) install shield 11.5 Express.

Currently im trying to do a quick patch on a quick patch. The new project is created and the files section looks accurate (I can view and select new files for the patch). However I cannot access the General Information section. The right hand frames in install shield do not show any information relating to the general information.

I am also getting an isdev.exe error (there is no disk in the drive. Please insert disk into drive D.), when trying to build with the updated files, and:

Internal build error 6575..

The old system had a partitioned hard drive and the location of the install shield files was D:. this is no longer the case, and are now located on C:

Is there any way to fix these paths. All the install shiled files are in exactly the same location as they were previously, just under a differant drive.

Also the origonal quick patch project im basing this new quick patch off, seems to have similar issues, although I can obviously create a new quick patch project from this. The General Information does again not provide the information and the files section reports:

Unable to locate origonal setup package: Quick views will not function properly untill this referance is restored.

I am assuming this is again related to the D: drive givern the issues surrounding the new quickpatch project, although the error description here is not very helpfull.

Can anyone please assist with this or through some light onto the issue, working on a patch upgrade that needs to be delivered ASAP ?

Full projects dont seem to be causing any issues, although I have not done much with these yet since being forced to change the build enviroment.