View Full Version : Short filename issue in InstallShiled

04-12-2006, 11:17 AM
Hi all,

We are having some issue with Installshield.

We have an InstallShield project which includes the ‘Primary output’ and ‘Content Files’ from a web application. We are using Visual Studio 2003 and Installshield 11.

We require InstallShiled to generate the long filenames and the short filenames for each file. This is a requirement for the package validation which is part of our deployment process.

When the msi is built, InstallShield does not generate short filenames for any of the files that are generated as part of the ‘primary output’ or ‘content files’. There is a ‘Filename format’ switch in InstallShield, but that does not seem to be affecting anything.

Thanks for your help.

Mohammed Zahid