View Full Version : InstallShield installation creates C:\My InstallShield ... folder

04-06-2006, 08:19 PM
After installing InstallShield, there's a "C:\My InstallShield 12 Projects" folder, which becomes the default folder for projects.

This is contrary to convention, going at least as far back as the Windows XP Logo requirements. I realize that it's been the long standing InstallShield behavior, but I can't imagine anyone thinking that putting the default folder underneath "My Documents" would be a bad idea. It still wouldn't be useful (since real projects are most likely in the middle of some source code tree), but at least it wouldn't look like you're still designing for Windows 3.1.


Mike Marino
04-07-2006, 10:07 AM
We actually did have it under My Documents internally (and I think externally) for a while, the problem is that when you build uncompressed releases to the default location, the file and path names exceed MAX_PATH (260) very quickly.

And although MAX_PATH is not file system limit, Explorer will not show paths that exceed this length.

We were trying to go for a location that would cause users the least amount of pain when building setups.

04-07-2006, 11:13 AM
That explains the motivation, which makes sense, but it doesn't really solve the real problem, which is that the path constructed by InstallShield for the kit is too long. When I upgraded from Express X to Professional 11.5, I was pleased to find the option that puts the kit directly into target directory, instead of creating this deep directory structure. Perhaps that should be made the default?

Even that structure isn't quite what I want, because of the way it creates the data directory as a sibling instead of child. What I really want, given a target directory for the release (defaulting to <ISPROJECTFOLDER>/ReleaseName) is something like

ReleaseName (the aforementioned target directory)/

DISK1/ (the .msi files, setup, any other files to be shipped, etc.)

I'd even consider putting the reports and logs into the same directory, and renaming DISK1 to something less mechanical, such as KIT.

But this digresss from the original topic :-)