View Full Version : Sequences View is still very poor and unhelpful

04-03-2006, 08:24 AM
While making each new version have BIG new FEATURES and great things to shout about in press releases (like support for Vista), the core of the InstallShield product remains almost identical to IfWI 1.0 from 1999

the sequences view is as **** and unhelpful as it ever was.
No visual way to differentiate between Immediate, Deferred, Rolback and Commit actions
Nothing visual to determine the different sections of the sequence (e.g. costing and deferred) to help people place their actions
No Drag and drop support to move actions (has this funtionality been withdrawn? I'm sure it worked once)
No warning when actions are placed in inappropriate places (e.g. immediate actions in deferred positions)
No contextual F1 help support for standard actions
Custom actions display very little information compared to the custom actions view
Double-clicking on a custom action no longer brings up the custom action wizard