View Full Version : Export Components Wizard does not respect context

04-03-2006, 07:52 AM
Steps to reproduce:

Change to Components View
do not left-click on a component, just right-click on the one you want to export.
You are offered a list of components to export, in a bizarre unique dialog, without the one you right-clicked on being selected.

Expected Behavior:
You are offered a list of components to export in a dialog that is consistant with InstallShield's other component dialogs, with the one that was right-clicked on being selected.


04-05-2006, 01:30 PM

We are tracking this under Issue#IOC-000047726. I am a bit confused about how to implement this.

It shouldn't be too hard to just automatically select the component that was right-clicked in the component view in the 'Select Components' wizard panel. This should take care of the part where you say "the one that was right-clicked on being selected".

However, I'm' a bit confused when you say that you want "a dialog that is consistant with InstallShield's other component dialogs". Do you want a dialog other than the 'Select Components' dialog? To clear up confusion, maybe a screenshot or simply the name of the desired dialog will help.

04-06-2006, 11:07 AM
OK, now that I've had a good look around, this new component selector dialog isn't that different from the other dialogs.

I have attached it as Image1.jpg The first thing you notice is that you can only see 4 of your features at a time in this dialog, which is not going to scale well with larger projects.
The Shortcuts feature/component <image2.jpg> selector shows 17 at a time, the Files and Folders selector <image3.jpg> shows 30

The component browser, <image4.jpg> featured in a number of other places displays the same information in another different way, this time with 10 features at once.

I'm sure that the same information is presented in other ways elsewhere, but I'm sure you get the idea here that there is not such a great deal of consistency.

What would I like then? I don't think that presenting the features as a flat list with the extra "All Components" is much help especially if you have several features beginning with A.
When people are dealing with the features, they think of them as the feature tree hierarchy so presenting a flat alphabetically sorted list is confusing. I really like the tree-view in Image3 and Image2. If you offered that (minus the components) in all of the feature-selection areas then it would be so much easier to relate to, and more consistent.

I guess you’ve had to design it in the way it is presented to get around the cramped space offered by the wizard, but for the sake of clarity would it be possible to make that page of the wizard maximisable?

I really like the idea of being able to export more than one component at a time. Exporting is a feature that I use a lot of in a repackaging scenario to turn components into mergemodules. Being able to export multiple components simultaneously will avoid all those conflicts that normally arise.

At the moment it is only available by right-clicking on a component but I would prefer it on the top-level node on the components tree, features top-level as well as in the files and folders view.