View Full Version : Display of dialogs based on feature selection

04-01-2006, 04:24 AM

I have three feature and whenever my setup runs if the user choses custom setup and chooses only one feature out of three features to be installed then based on that the specific dialog will be opened. Now in the behavior, the next button has the Event setting as NewDialog and argument as the new dialog which I have created and condition as ((&Feature1=3) AND (&Feature2<>3) AND (&Feature3<>3)).

The problem is the new dialog is not getting loaded. The condition is not fulfilling. Am I missing anything.


04-01-2006, 06:54 AM

The problem was because i have two event

Event1 Argument Condition
NewDialog Dialog1 ((&Feature1=3) AND (&Feature2<>3) AND (&Feature3<>3))
NewDialog Dialog2 1

So the problem in runtime it is going to both the event and that is why it is going to dialog2 always. So instead of putting the condition as 1 for second event I have put as "Not((&Feature1=3) AND (&Feature2<>3) AND (&Feature3<>3))".

I was at the impression if first event was successful then it willnot go to second event which i was wrong in thinking that. Basically it executes all the event. In the above case, without changing the second condition it would have been successful if i would have placed first event after the second event.


05-02-2006, 02:28 PM
Thanks for posting your solution. I just ran into this same thing this morning! :)