View Full Version : Problem with InstallCheckWizardBeanCondition

03-21-2006, 05:20 PM

I have a dialog which I want displayed only if the installer finds the same product installed on the system.

According to the InstallCheckWizardBeanCondition, I should be able to use the 'patch' check name.

" "patch" - Verifies that there is a previous installation of the product for which UUID matches that of the product of this project. This previous installation can be anywhere on the target machine, but the project's product must have a Version that is equal to or higher than the one for the product
that was found on the target machine."

However, this does not seem to work and when I run the install a second time the dialog is skipped.

How do I get this to work properly? I am under the impression that if I set the 'patch' property to true in the Installation Design advanced settings that the product will not be installed on a first time installation.