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03-16-2006, 12:54 PM
ISMP 11.5 Premier: I have a bundled jvm that I lay down on the user's machine. Ideally this jvm would be used for the installer, uninstaller, and application launcher of several products in a suite. How do I prevent the uninstaller of one suite product from ripping that jvm off the machine? If that jvm is ripped out it will break the rest of the product suite. I have done what another user suggested: Make a component whose only associated function is a JVM Resolution bean. Make the Remove Option of this component be 'Never Remove'. This does not work, the jvm laid down still gets removed. I've tried making a discrete JVM id and install location for the uninstaller's jvm than the one I lay down, and still, both are removed. Thanks.

04-25-2007, 09:45 AM
The bundled JVM is used for the installation and will be moved over to the [InstallLocation]\_jvm directory when installation is complete. If you want to use this JVM for installation, you would need to create a Custom Search for JVM routine and add that to the other products to point to this [InstallLocation]\_jvm directory! This can be pretty tough if the user can install the product to any location when the JVM is the first thing that needs to be established!

You may want to just use the bundle JVM for all your products and in the Application Data->Launchers->Advanced View->Product Uninst JVM RES-> Use Installed JVM = true, and this JVM will be used for all the uninstallers – that is if they all go to the same installation directory!

I don’t know if this will help but we do something similar where we have several products that go to the same location, I changed the Uninstaller Archives->Install Location in the General Information to “_uninst/Product” to avoid _uninst2, _uninst3, etc.. and in the Application Data->Launchers->Advanced View->Product Uninst JVM RES->Install Location “_uninst/_jvm” – so I don’t have another directory under the install location, after all, it is used for the uninstaller!