View Full Version : Error -6262 When Building

03-13-2006, 10:54 AM
I am working with the new InstallShield 5.0 that came with VisualFoxPro 9.0. I am modifying a project that I built under the previous version of InstallShield that came with VFP 8.0, so it might have some old or obsolete settings.

When I build an InstallShield package using the new version of InstallShield Express 5.0, I am getting this error message:

ISEXP : error -6262: The directory table contains the entry ARPHELPLINK. This identifier is reserved ; defining it in the directory table will yield unpredictable results at runtime. Use the Direct Editor to rename this directory Identifier.

InstallShield Help says: The ARPHELPLINK property is the Internet address for technical support. Product maintenance applets display this value.

How can I correct this problem? I can't find any reference to ARPHELPLINK anywhere in my InstallShield project. I have specified no support URLs at all.