View Full Version : How to automate installation?

03-08-2006, 11:00 AM

How can I automate the installer. I need to eliminate user intervention from an installer. This means that the installer would have to obtain its instructions from some sort of script file, or by a similar means.

The script file, or a properties file, would have the instructions for each case it can handle.

Can someone please give me a lead on how to do this with 11.5?

Thank you.

03-08-2006, 11:42 AM
Yes, you can deploy an installation silently with the -silent switch, optionally pointing to a properties file of bean-property and variable values with the -options switch. (You can generate this "options file" by hand or using the -options-record or -options-template switch.)

Looking for "silent" in the help index should help you get started.