View Full Version : Anyone have a VB.net example in VS 2002 or 2003

03-07-2006, 06:28 PM
Hello Forum members,
I have been recently asked to add the Macrovision activation service to windows application that I did not write. I am also not familiar with the Macrovision activation service. The client says he has purchased 1000 licenses?? He would like me to drop by his office and write this "quickie code" using the macrovision web service.

Since I am probably not getting paid to do this, I am looking for a way to accomplish this for my friend quickly. If anyone has a sample VB.net solution or even a CS solution that uses the activition web service they could zip and reply with that would be extremely helpful.

The entire solution is preferred as I can see how the webservice is referenced. I tried adding the web Service reference using "Add Web Reference" to a test project but I received an error about the service not set up for discovery.

This is the endpoint I unsucessfully attempted to add:

btw, I do not have VS 2005. Just 2002 or 2003

Thanks in advance for any help you can offer.