View Full Version : Simple Upgrade Problems...

02-28-2006, 02:52 PM
Hi, I am using InstallShield 11, and has been great making an installer. However, i need to make what I think is a simple upgrade, but am having some problems. My main setup is an InstallScript MSI project.

What i want to do in the upgrade is just copy out some updated files, and I need to add some new folders and stick some files in there as well. I tried a QuickPatch project, but that does not allow you to create new folders. I have also tried using the built-in upgrade feature, but it seems i get a lot of errors when trying to use it. Also, i thought i could just create a brand new installer with the same Product Code. However, when I do that, it never seems to get into the OnMaintUIBefore. It appears that it thinks it is resuming the setup process.

Is there any other way to easily build an Upgrade setup? Am I missing something?