View Full Version : How to lay out multi-platform projects / builds

01-31-2006, 10:12 AM
I'm relatively new to ISMP 11.5 (used ISMP 4.5 years ago) and I have a question about multi-platform builds and layouts.

I'm excited about assemblies and the dynamic suite installer, but how do I handle multiple platform files? We install on AIX/Windows/Linux/Sun/HP, so how do I lay things out?

If I have 3 assemblies, do I have 3 assemblies x each platform? Or do I platform-condition the component-file laydown for the platforms in each assembly?

We want to have seperate CDs for Windows, Linux, and the other Unixes? So I'd like to NOT include files NOT for that platform? How can I properly filter those out?

Then how do I build the dynamic suit installer to integrate with these diff platforms? What if I want to run a "Windows-only" build, how can I keep the rest of the file otu of my project?

Thanks, any tips are much appreciated.

swansoca-AT-us.ibm.com (fix to email me)