View Full Version : User interface custom dialogs

01-30-2006, 09:26 AM
I have created a custom dialog in the Main folder of the User Interface dialogs section. It is very simple user input panel, only an input for the location of a database file. At first this custom dialog did not show up during the installation. The cause of this was that the default interface was set to AWT. I changed that to Swing and my custom panel appeared during the installation.

However I noticed that all the installshield dialogs are still the awt look and feel and my custom panel is the swing look and feel. This show because the buttons, Next, Previous and Cancel are white in AWT and grey in Swing. Another thing I noticed is that when I set a background image. This background image has the correct size in the installshield designer. but during the install the AWT dialogs have the correct background, but for the swing interface this background is stretched out.

Has anyone created custom panels and experiencing the same kind of problems? I would like to use swing panels and give the installer our company look and feel, but so far I was unable to do that.