View Full Version : Cannot activate legal, registered copy of IS 11.5

01-16-2006, 10:06 AM

I cannot activate my legally purchased, already registered copy of InstallShield 11.5 (English).

Due to security policies of my company I am not able to activate my copy through the Internet. The machine I have installed IS is connected to the Internet via a Internet Gateway / Proxy / Firewall.
When an application tries to "phone home" like InstallShield does since Version 8 each time I started it a login window pops up and I can manually connect to the Internet entering user name and password.

When I tried to activate InstallShield 11.5 using the Internet Activation Method I encountered the error "Während des Sendens eines Aktivierungs-Anfragecodes an den Activation Service ist ein unerwarteter Fehler aufgetreten" (with the English version of IS!) which might be translated to "While sending the activation request code to the activation service an unexpected error encountered.".

So Internet activation fails.
One-Million-Euro question to you: what is the logical alternative way to activate a software product if an activation by the Internet is not possible, e.g. due to a LAN which is physically not connected to the Internet (WLAN) due to a company's security policies?
Restart your machine and retry to activate by Internet (Dogberts way).
Activate by Email (Dogbert's alternative way if his preferred way happens to fail).
Get out of your office, call a taxi to your nearest international airport, fly to Chicago, take the Greyhound to Schaumburg, and hijack the CEO of Macrovision until you receive a "corporate" licence copy which does not need to be activated at all (Russian Mafia's way).
Activate by Phone (Microsoft's alternative way to Internet activation).

You say answer D) Activating by phone? Hey, sounds logical, since Microsoft is offering exactly the same alternative way of activating your Windows XP copy.
But unfortunately, you're wrong. Macrovision let's you fall back to 16.000 Euros, no, to none at all...

Seen from Macrovision's logical view the only alternative way to activate your legally purchased copy is - no, not to search for an illegal way without any trouble at all, yeah, with a cracked version we could have shipped our firmware for hours now from which InstallShield has prevented us (and Macrovision might be lucky: our legal department still does not know that the deficient activation procedure policy from Macrovision costs my company thousands of Euros due to postponement caused by Macrovision) - no, seen from Macrovisions personal-logical view the only alternative is to activate the software by Email which is obviously only accomplishable if your machine is successfully connected to the internet :p :confused: :rolleyes: !!!

That's really the advanced way of software engineering and software design we call "Schildb√ľrgerstreich" (foolish act) in Germany: it's like a hint in a phone box which tells you that you have to call the support center when the phone is out of order!

Well, I mailed to Macrovision this morning to provide them with the request code my application dialogue shows me when choosing the switch to activate by Email: I now really worship Mr. Gates not to let my computer break down during the time of waiting for the answer code from Macrovision because when you close the activation dialogue window and you return to start the InstallShield application, the next time the "activation by Email" dialogue window will open - needless to say - a totally new request code is displayed which forces you remail to Macrovision and to wait anew for an answer from Macrovision.

Current status: still waiting for an activation code answer Email from Macrovision for over 4 hours now...

More and more concrete thinking of contacting our legal department,

Peter Rawytsch