View Full Version : Error 2855 with only 1 setup type selected !

Tim Jarrett
01-10-2006, 11:41 AM
Hi -

I have just upgraded to InstallShield Express V11 from V3.53

I have a problem with new projects-
I only require a full installation, i.e. "Typical" install only, no minimal or custom install, so I select "Typical" in the Setup Types screen (see - attach1.bmp). When I get to the dialogs screen, the "Setup Types" dialog is still selected (see - attach2.bmp), even though I've only 1 setup type. (In V3.53 this did not happen.)
Consequently, when I run the final setup installation, just after the "Customer information dialog" (see - attach3.bmp) I get an error message "error 2855" (see - attach4.bmp) that I assume is caused by an attempt to display the setup types dialog with only the 1 radio button.

My question is, does anyone know how to get around this problem ? I cannot get my project to install with only a default Typical installation, and I don't want to give the end user any options to install minimal or custom installations !

Please, somebody HELP !!! ???