View Full Version : Dlls not getting registered in Installshield 11

01-07-2006, 05:11 AM
We have made a setup in Installshield 10.5 which copies and registers a set of dlls. On upgrading to Installshield 11 the registration of dlls does not take place.
The dlls are copied and a reboot.ini is made which stores the names of the dlls and registers them on next reboot.
The problem is that the same was working without a reboot in 10.5 but not in 11.
Also the reboot screen does not come up in installshield 11 and so for a user the application does not work properly after installation.
Can anyone please tell the solution or some workaround
Also the problem does not reappear if reboot is done once, all subsequent uninstalls and installs work fine for the machine