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01-05-2006, 11:19 AM
I used installshield 11 express to create an installer package for my program. Our installer has been created in French, but we are looking to distribute in England, Germany, Norway, Corea, Italian, Span and so on...
I impose that the install must be done by a person logged with an administrator compte.
Our application must work with any kind of compte: administrator or non-administrator compte.
The problem I have is when our software work on a PC logged with a non-administrator compte, is that it don't see the folders create during install.
- I 've read "HOWTO: Installing an Application for All Users on Windows NT/2000/XP" and set (and call) the solution with 'setproperty.vbs' and SESSION.PROPERTY("ALLUSERS")="1" write inside. This work fine and i get icone when i'm logged has an simple user and not an administrator compte.
- I note I must change the folder permission to allow it to be see by our application when PC is logged by non-administrato compte.
- I've tried "... ,If you right-click on the INSTALLDIR in the files view, you should see an Advanced option in the lower right corner, this lets you set permissions for the folder. I set mine to EVERYONE and checked off the appropriate boxes." poste by 'Navarone 12-09-2005' ->this give me an error .SMP2\EVERYONE isn't an groupe or utilisator valid! when I install the application (note->SMP2 is the domaine name). Is the syntax EVERYONE is wrong? Where find help about syntax possibilty available in this area? Is windows installer variable exist and is usable here?
- I have tried with ASPNET in the same area (in 'General / Permissions / User' of the folder) -> this give me "ASPNET isn't an groupe or utilisator valid!"
- I must find a solution which work in all kind of langage (English, French,...).
- I have see MSDN -> LockPermissions Table ->How is it possible to used it with "installshield 11 express" -> where can I find out sample which use it in the same context has me?

Thanks in advance.


01-09-2006, 04:21 AM
A search on folder permissions at Support (http://support.installshield.com/) found KB article Q108642 and others.

01-10-2006, 07:27 AM
Firts I would like to thank you for your answare.
I've change the permission of folders that I create with InstallShield, and now my application work fine whether the operator is logged with an administrator account or an non-administrator account.
I have an other problem to resolve, but I'm not shure that InstallShield can resolve it, but I even though ask.
The installer package for my program create some folders, but some time it will be possible the folder already exit. In this case, it's possible that some files exist also. Because the new application I install must work with this files and furthermore because it must work with an operator wich is logged with an administrator account or an non-administrator account, I must be shure that all the permissions of each file are the same that the folder. Is InstallShield (or VBScript, or ...) can set the permissions of many file already existing in a folder, as the same setting as the folder ?
I develop in Delphi and often I work with API Windows, if you know some approach of me problem with them, I listen all kind of solution.


01-11-2006, 04:53 AM
You may want to take a look at SetACL (http://setacl.sourceforge.net/), and see if that meets your requirements.

03-17-2006, 12:32 PM
You can use XCACLS.VBS which is a utility provided by Microsoft that will allow you to change folder and file permissions like grant, remove access etc..
Check this MS KB article

Good luck

12-17-2007, 01:41 PM
I used isntallshield 9 to create an installer package. I use _NetShareAdd() to make my folder shared. Suppose my installer installed a folder "Folder1" on computer A. A user from computer B want to write to this "Folder1" from computer A. It is denied.

What I want to do is make this folder "Folder1" to full control permission to every user in a specified domain. I tried to change folder permission by reference KB article Q108642. I Put [%USERDOMAIN] in Domain Name, and input "Allusers" or "Everyone" in the user column. It doesn't work.

Could anyone please give me any suggestion? Thanks in advance.


Tim Mayert
03-10-2008, 08:56 AM
Did you ever get this sorted out? I have to set permissions on a file and I set the Domain to [%USERDOMAIN] and I tryed "AllUsers" and "Everyone" as well and that did not seem to work.

What is the exact format that should be used to get this to work?