View Full Version : Can the installsheild express 11 meet my requirment

01-05-2006, 02:33 AM
Dear Sir,
I use VC2003.net to development a set of ActiveX controls by ATL.
I also create a main program base on the ActiveX control. And same time
My program need call a third party Library to operate a PCI card.
So I want the installation software have following feature:

1 Can register my activex control. Currently I need perform a dos bat file. It will prompt a Dos dialog which I donot want to see.
2 Can unregister activex control automaictlly if there is an old version exist

3 Can auotmaiclly find the DLL or LIB file which be needed in the main program such as the third party driver dll. I have a SAX installation tool. It always include so many unuseful DLL.

Is the express 11 can meet the above requirement.

Zheng Yi