View Full Version : Custom Action weirdness..

12-05-2005, 07:03 AM
I'm having real problems when I call make 2 function calls into a DLL. i.e. a custom action before file transfer and one afterwards. The dll is not part of the install and as far as I can see the dll is put into the local users temp directory so it can be loaded into the addess space of the installer. Running the installation with either of the actions disabled (by deleting them) seems to work OK.

I get an error dialog
File 'c:\....\Temp\InstallHelpers.dll' can not be found. Make sure the file is on target system or installed allready. This indicates to me that the dll is being removed after the first custom action :confused: Is this standard MSI behaviour that I need to work arround?

I'm using the "SingleImage" target with Installshield express V11, MSI engine V2.0.


Mike D.