View Full Version : Office 2003 PIA / merge module

11-30-2005, 04:24 PM
I currently use InstallShield X.
I have a suite of programs that I install on hundreds of computers. The programs include WIndows forms, Excel spreadsheets with customized code and Infopath forms.
All require .Net support files for Office be installed. Unfortunately, .Net Framework was often installed after Office 2003, so no support. Getting everyone to manually install the Office .Net support files is costing a fortune in support time every month.
How do I rither:
1. Provide a totally automated install for the Office 2003 PIAs that can be run as a normal part of setup that won't screw anything up if they are already installed.
2. Makes sure the Office 2003 .Net support files are included in the setup that I build in Visual Studio.Net?