View Full Version : Error IDS_ERROR_44

11-30-2005, 03:26 PM
I have a localized setup problem that I can't solve.

We have three products that are built from combinations of a collection of 26 merge modules. When I am finished with them, a translation team localizes the products and the setups into various languages. The final step I have given the translation team is to copy the English Release and set the UI Language to the one for which they are localizing. When the team translating to Czech does this, they get an error during installation for one of the three products, but not for the other two. The error is IDS_ERROR_44: A portion of the path ( ) exceeds the length allowed by the system. If they set the UI Language back to English, all is fine. I validated their MSI file and found a couple of problems, but fixing them did not make this error go away.

Any clues?