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11-30-2005, 05:41 AM
With Installshield Express 11 is it possible to install a group of files in a location either specified by the user of the instalation or based upon a registry entry. In this case I'm installing a set of images which support our application but the location of this set can vary from one machine to the next.

Maybe I need the professional version or I need to write some VBScript to move the files to their final resting place after installaing them to a temporary directory.


Mike D

12-01-2005, 07:33 PM
If I understand your question correctly, the group of files to be installed is part of your installation media, and its destination will be determined at runtime.

If the destination will be set with a registry entry at runtime, you can use System Search to retrieve the value data of a registry value name. The value data can then be used to modify the directory property pertaining to the group of files (probably with a VBScript CA). Alternatively, you can achieve all that with a VBScript CA, and not use System Search at all. Since Express Edition has limited sequencing options, you will have to determine a working spot by trial-and-error. You will also have to determine the directory property (in Directory_ column of Component table in the .msi file, which can be opened with Orca, a .msi table editor from MS).

If the destination will be set by a user, things will get trickier. Since Express Edition does not expose component destination in the IDE, and can not create custom dialogs. A simple task like setting component destination is rendered next to impossible. Professional Edition will be extremely helpful in this regard, and it also supports custom dialog creation.