View Full Version : Win 2003 Setup Fails?

11-20-2005, 06:54 PM

I have created a setup for a multimodule project everything works fine with Win 2000 and Win XP Pro SP2 but when I tried to load the same setup on Winn 2003 it fails by saying that The system was not changed and setup will stop this happens right after I click Finish to start Up Installation. That is to say nothing copied and I dont get a specific error message about the problem.

I have installed MSI 3.1 and .NET1.1 SP1 for Special Win2003 but that also didnt solve my problem.

The setup Language I use is Turkish and the Win2003 OS language is ENglish (Could that be the problem). But for Win2000 and and Win XP Pro I also create Turkish support setup but that dont fail on Engilsh OS.

I have looked in Community could not find info. Please help.