View Full Version : IsCmdBld Error Help

11-18-2005, 03:17 PM
Using DevStudio 9 SP1

I am trying to set up a batch file to build a series of projects. I'm using .ini files for each and have gotten my MSI projects to run with no problem, but I'm having some difficulty with an InstallScript project.

I have the release set up as a network image with .cab files producing a single exe when built through the IDE.

The following in the ini file will produce a build that is created in the project root (as in the BuildLocation) rather than under the Media subdirectory, and does not produce a single exe, so I suspect I have some parameters wrong:

Name="C:\Macrodev\Installations\Synergy Net Client.ism"
BuildLabel="Synergy 6.0.3"


Path="C:\Macrodev\Installations\Synergy Net Client\"

I tried setting the build location to the Media subdirectory, and got a -5006 error (for which I could find no info on the IS web site). I tried deleting the BuildLabel and/or Release parameters and got the same error.

I tried adding the Configuration=COMP parameter, but it didn't seem to make any difference.

How do I get the project to build in the Media\Synergy 6.0.3 subdirectory, as the IDE does, and how do I get it to build a single exe file?