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11-16-2005, 12:58 PM
We have a number of products which may be installed separately or in a 'bundle'. The bundle may be installed after one of the bundled products is already installed. The current bundle installer is scripted and performs loads of checks before slaving specific application installers. This is effectively a setup.exe wrapper.

This raises some questions:

1) What is the recommended MSI way to install a bundle of 3 products each with their own .msi installer without using a setup.exe wrapper?
2) Should I combine the 3 msi files into one big installer?
2) Is it possible to uninstall the bundle by uninstalling the bundle.msi which uninstalls the constituent applications?

NOTE I am happy for the bundle installer to uninstall any pre-installed constituent applications before the bundle installs. I am also happy to make 'small' changes to the application installers msi files to allow them to be bundled.

All comments welcome.