View Full Version : MSI Uninstall Deletes ALL Files In C:\ (including NTLDR)

11-16-2005, 05:37 AM
A customer reported this to me, and i've finally replicated the fault - it only occurs in the following scenario:-

When our application is installed using the "custom" option, and the user selects the CLASSIC theme along with any other theme (XP for example), reboots after the install, and then removes the application (whether it be through Add/Remove or Maintenance), ALL the files in the root of C: get deleted (including NTLDR!!). :eek:

This only happens if CLASSIC is selected with another theme, on it's own it uninstalls fine. Also if all the other themes except CLASSIC are selected everything is fine. The Themes consist of a ZIP file which gets extracted at the end of the install (during uninstall the extracted files get deleted), and a text file installed into INSTALLDIR with an Advertised Shortcut.

I've attached both the installation and uninstallation log files for information.

Any ideas??? :confused:

11-16-2005, 11:37 AM
It's hard to tell without knowing more about the implementation of your installation. I don't see any standard warning signs in your logfile (RemoveFile never points to NTLDR for example), except perhaps for a custom action:
Action start 09:48:47: deleteThemeFolders.
If you condition out this custom action (0 and <existing condition>), does the deletion of C:\*.* go away? If so you know where the problem is, and can work on why. If not that custom action, how about any others?