View Full Version : Finding Quick Patch package code for uninstall

11-15-2005, 06:12 PM
I am putting together the knowledge and process to be able to issue patches against an imminent release of a product. I have figured out how to use Quick Patches, including making the patch uninstallable. This is enough for those Windows versions where the control panel's add/remove software tool handles patch-level granularity (XP and beyond if I remember properly). Unfortunately, I also have to support Windows 2000 Server targets. I have successfully executed the msiexec command line to remove my patch. While the tool allows passing the patch executable to identify the patch to be uninstalled, I'd really like to be able to give customers a simple way to back out patches without having to have the patch's update.exe file present.

Its pretty simple to find the Product Code for the base product install from which the patch needs to be uninstalled. I'm having trouble, though, finding a straightforward way to find the Quick Patch's package code. For my test, I temporarily used the Quick Patch project's General Information/Build Settings/List of Patch GUIDs to replace, navigating to the update.exe file and letting InstallShield extract the needed GUID for me. There HAS to be a more direct way to do this, but I haven't found it. Anyone out there know of one?

Also, how are you making patch uninstall available on the pre-XP platforms out there? It seems pretty dangerous to be asking customers to type in two GUIDs, but I don't see any alternative?