View Full Version : Auto uninstall previous version ?

11-14-2005, 11:08 AM
Hello, i'm having this problem with Install shield 11, in our company we used to release new versions of our program without changing the program GUID, this way when starting the setup process, install shied give a message saying that the software is already installed and terminate. So we changed program guid (not upgrade code) and now the program installs without giving any messages _BUT_ not all files are installed, some files don't get updated ! So we tried setting the "overwrite" flag for every file, but still the problem partially remain. (maybe the customer installed the product while the program was running, we are still trying to get all information about this issue)
Anyway if there was a way to tell installshield to unistall previous version before installing the new one it would probably solve most of our problems.
Does anyone know if this is possible ? if so can you please explain me how ?

Thanks in advance, and forgive me for my bad english, i'm from italy !