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11-11-2005, 03:40 AM

for several days I tried to popup a dialog at the end of the uninstallation-process for asking the user to delete one or more directories (just to clean-up all).

Therefore I did the following:

(1) Added a custom Action, which is only started while uninstallation (at the end) with the condition: REMOVE="ALL". Works fine!
(2) This Custom Action calls a script function. Works also fine!
(3) But now I do not get any good dialog to popup: Neither if I create a dialog in the Dialog view and define it with DefineDialog() and call it with WaitOnDialog ... nor if I only call AskYesNo(...).

Either the dialog is not displayed at all or (e.g. with the MessageBox or AskYesNo-Box) it is displayed at the background or minimized.

With the WaitOnDialog-call I get always the return value DLG_ERR (-1) even if the call of DefineDialog or ezDefineDialog returns, that all is ok.

I only need to ask the user if he want to delete directory xyz!

I have InstallShield 11 and my whole Project is a BasicMSiProject.

Could anyone help me, PLEASE?


Thanks in advance ...

Smileman :(

11-11-2005, 10:51 AM
I have found that InstallScript CAs do not function at this point...on this final dialog...once if the CA is associated to a button. Although non-InstallScript CAs do work!