View Full Version : SQLLogin on Upgrades/Maintenance

11-09-2005, 12:54 PM
Is there a way to have the SQL Login Dialog appear during upgrades and/or Maintenance via Add/Remove Programs? We have a situation where the SQL scripts from the original install may have been run against two databases; but a few months later additional databases may be installed against which the scripts need to be run. Also, our security policy requires periodic password changes, and the stored uid/pwd may not work.

I have tried cloning the SQL Login dialog and configuring the Maintenance Type dialog for a New Dialog->SQLLogin1 with condition _IsMaintenance = "Reinstall" or _IsMaintenance="Change", but the dialog is skipped.

I also added a property IS_SQLSERVER_DO_NOT_USE_REG based on something I read in another post, but that had no effect.