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11-08-2005, 04:21 PM
Hi All,

I have trouble installing my application in a different drive then the default selected drive. I have MyApp and I want it to install it in either C drive or D drive based user selection. Has anyone done this and working please let me know.

vicky rawat
11-09-2005, 06:32 AM
Please try this.This will definetly help u out.

Step 1:Open new Express Project.
Step 2:Click on Files(left side Pane).U will find Destination Computer's folder pane in middle.Right click on Destination Computer-->Show Predefined folder-->select Windows Volume.
Step 3: Drag My Product Name[INSTALLDIR] from [ProgramFilesFolder] one level down to [WINDOWSVOLUME].
Step 4:Click on(left side Pane)General Information.U will get the property windows on Right Side.Change the Value of property
And do not forget to check the Destinaton Folder Dialog.(Customize the setup appearance->Dialog)

After running the application u will find that ur problem is solved.Whe destination Dialog will apear u can browse and can select u drive(location).
U can implement this in any of ur appliaction.

11-09-2005, 10:54 AM
I still have a problem. Here it is.

I followed as you said except the last step. I already know where the client want to install the product since it is registered in the registry through another process.

I tried a test by passing C:\ drive and it worked as expected. When I passed D:\ drivr even though it shows in the confirmation screen as D:\ drive it is installing it in C:\ drive.

So I went and enabled the destination selection dialog. During the install it location came as D:\ drive. I went ahead and pressed the browse and pressed ok, with out making any changes, leaving D:\ as the destination folder. Now with this, the install picks up and installs correct.

I think it might be a bug in ISX side. If not please let me know. I am really frustrated with this.

My point is, if the confirmation screen shows it is going to install in D why not install it in D?????

11-11-2005, 12:47 AM

I believe this is how the installer works. The [WindowsVolume], would give option for the user to change the default destination to any other than the root folder. But the display always points to C:/, which is actually the root folder of your working machine. Say if suppose you working machine’s root folder is D:/ then the default display here would be D:/

I don’t think it as a bug as this is the working functionality of the installer to display the root folder. I checked with the same behavior in the latest release of IS 11 Express too.