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11-07-2005, 03:27 PM
Hi folks,

I am a absolute newby using InstallShield an I am now trying since a couple of days to design my setup:

- built with InstallShield 11 Express (and also with professional)
- Basic-MSI project
- built a single exe file

Dialog design works now somehow, I can place my bitmaps a make the setup integrate in our CI.

What I did not reach yet: Changing the look of the very first dialog (while unpacking files).

I ave read some posts about using VC++ to change resources of setup.exe. Trying this always resulted in an excpetion starting setup.

My evaluation period is almost over, but I will not buy a product for at least 500 € if it can not do what I expect it do.

Someone in this forum can help me ? How can I change the look of the very first dialog (while unpacking files) ?

Please remember: I just have 10 days of experience using InstallShield, so please be detailed ....



vicky rawat
11-07-2005, 11:30 PM
Hi Tom,
(Only for Installshield 11 Express)
What i feel is that you want to change the look of Splash bitmap Dialog.First click on Dialogs on Customize the setup Appearance.
Check the Splash Bitmap Dialogs which is in middle pane.On right hand side pane u will find properties of a Dialog.Just change the property value of Splash Bitmap to whatever image u want.Enter the path to the bitmap you would like to dispaly on your Splash screen or click the browse button(..) to navigate to this file.This image must be a bitmap(.bmp) and must be 465 pixels wide by 281 pixels high.
Change the Second property(Sunken) value to yes, if u wud like your image to have a sunke appearance on the Splash Screen.And by default it is No,it will have your image appear Flat.

In same manner u can change the Bitmap image of the other dialogs.

11-08-2005, 02:23 AM

thanks for trying to help me.

I guess my problem has nothing to do with a splash bitmap dialog.

If you create a "single exe image" (all files are packed into one single setup.exe file) you will see a dialog while unpacking all contained files into a temporary folder.
The dialog showing up while unpacking files is my little problem ....

Some folks write, that you will have to change setup.exe with a resource editor (VC++), but that did not really work for me - got errors when starting setup.