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11-04-2005, 10:42 AM

I am trying to build an installer which will let the user select a folder for the mobile installation. It currently asks for Main Memory of CF Card but installs files in program/myapp folder.

Someone knows how to enable the "Select destination directory" option on pocket Pc device installation ?


11-10-2005, 02:34 AM
Unfortunately I can't help with this one as I'm having the exact same problem. All we can do is hope that someone will recognise this bug and resolve the issue.

When I looked into the problem a bit deeper I have a sneaking suspicion that the cause is when you select the files to include in the installation. I've noticed that you can specify the directory that the file will be installed into regardless of what the 'default' directory is. This suggests that the installer actually ignores the selected directory and just installs the files to the directory specified for each file.

While this may be the desired behaviour for some installation authors I would suggest that a majority would rather the standard behaviour be adhered to (ie please install the software to this directory... oh there it is! It's a miracle!!!) :mad:

This is particularly important for my installer as I plan to recommend that the application be installed to a storage card, which you can't select as the 'default' directory.

BTW if you use other PPC installer tools the installation actually installs to the selected directory so it's not a problem with activesync, microsoft, etc.