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11-03-2005, 06:15 AM
Apologies for double posting this however I am not sure if this is related to installscript or if it is related to Windows Installer....

I have a Install Script MSI project (Install Shield Pro 11) with 2 features - web only and db only. There are three available setup types in the project, Client, Server, Client & Server. The client setup type is tied to the Web Only feature, the Server setup type is tied to the DB Only feature and the Client & Server setup type is associated with both features

For the db only feature I have one component attached - this is a sql script which creates a database and creates objects within this database.

The web only feature creates a virtual directory and installs the required files as well as installing a windows service.

If the database to be created already exists an error is displayed to the user and the installer rolls back. If this occurs I receive a fatal error (error number -1603). When this occurs the text on the main dialog indicates that the installer is removing the virtual directory and rolling back all web site changes. This fatal error occurs on both the server only and the Client & Server installs.

My question therefore is does anyone know why I am receiving this fatal error - I have attached the log for the installation created by using the /verbose tag. I have also attached a screenshot of the error message displayed during the install process.

One option I have to get around this is to change the behaviour when an error occurs in the SQL script. I would however still like to notify the user of the issue - is there any way I can determine using InstallScript that an error occurred during the execution of a SQL script file and display the error message to the user?



11-15-2005, 12:01 PM
Hi Aidan,

Looking at your log (lines 1418-1423) it appears that your install IS hiccuping due to a pre-existing database 'AidanTemp' - this occurs directly before the rollback commences. Is it possible that you edited the InstallScript code in a manner that decides what items to rollback and inadvertantly rolled back both and/or just raised a spurious message?

This Error 1603 also occurs as a result of duplicating "undocumented" MSI properties according to an article I happened across today. Some of those properties are database-related in name, so perhaps you have experienced this? You can find the article at:
KB Article Q105571 (http://support.installshield.com/kb/view.asp?articleid=Q105571)

Hope this helps,